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講題:Where Maths Can Take You in Industry

活動時間: 2023/03/06(一) 10:10-12:00 


主講人:Dr. Adrian Dudek, Head of Academic Partnerships at Optiver APAC, Coming from a strong Maths background, he’ll be sharing insights on how Maths is being used in the industry, as well as how his interests and degree have lead him to a career at Optiver.
講師曾在Optiver擔任交易員,現為內外部教育訓練之推手,將與同學分享他的職涯及心路歷程,帶領同學透過數學的角度進入交易的世界。會中也會帶著同學進行market making game模擬造市交易,歡迎同學不吝與講師互動問答。

講題摘要:Mathematics is an incredibly powerful tool. These days, students of maths have an incredible array of career paths that they can pursue.
This talk will discuss the current job landscape with a focus on game-changing ideas such as machine learning.
I will show students how the skills that they are learning can be used to make waves in industry and put them on a successful mathematical path.

By the end of the session, you’ll:
•Learn how Maths is being used in one of the most fascinating and dynamic industries.
•Connect what you’re learning in the classroom to real world applications and opportunities in the industry.
•Discover Optiver’s incredible culture and perks, learning and development opportunities, career prospects, and more.
•Gain insider tips into their recruitment process.


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