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Date 2020-02-13

        In order to enrich school faculties and to strengthen science education, in 1969, NCCU renamed the “College of Literary Arts” as the “College of Arts and Science”, and additionally instituted the Department of Mathematics. In 1970, approving by the Ministry of Education, the Department of Mathematics established officially. Moreover, the department began to enroll new students in 1970, and totally 42 students being recruited, which was an important milestone in the history of the school development. Prof. Ching-Hwa Deng, the first chairperson of the Department of Mathematics, was a senior and famous educationist at that time.  

       The feature of the department is not only to encourage students to the studies of pure mathematics, but to the studies of mathematical science. The department co-operates with the college of law and commerce as more as possible, hoping that it could cultivate talented students at the aspects of operations research, computer science, actuary, and mathematical economics.

        Subsequently, owing to the rapid development of computers and the needs of persons of mathematical science by industrial and commercial circles, the department was renamed as the Department of Mathematical Science to cater for the tide in 1974. The quality of the faculty of the department increase day by day, and the course also renew continuously. Furthermore, to raise the academic level, the department founded the master program in 1987, and the PhD program in 1999.

        In recent years, in addition to make efforts in the study and education of mathematical science, the department also match up NCCU’s development characteristics, setting into motion on the coordination with other departments. The department planned Mathematical Finance Program and Financial Engineering Program with the college of commerce, providing a way for students to work out in the field of finance and banking.

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