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Date 2020-02-13

     The objectives of the Department of Mathematical Sciences are to promote rigorous logical training in mathematics, cultivate and inspire comprehensively, creative and potential students.  We also expect students to be outstanding mathematical talents with scientific literacy and both in theory and in application. We found the undergraduate, master, Ph.D., andMaster Program in Teaching Mathematics as follows: 

   Cultivate students with outstanding mathematical talents with perfect personality, humanities
   and mathematical literacy.

2.Master Program 
   2.1 Cultivate students with applied mathematical talent with academics potential. 
   2.2 Cultivate students with mathematical. 
   2.3 Cultivate high mathematical talent who required by industrial and commercial circles. 

3.Ph.D. Program 
   Cultivate applied mathematical talent with profound academic literacy and independent 
   researching capacity.

4.Master Program in Teaching Mathematics  
   Provide pipelines for in-service teachers to enhance knowledge of mathematics and teaching capacity.

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