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Date 2020-02-13
     After finishing the required courses designed by our department, students are recommended to join the programs listed as follows for their further studies: 

1.The field of Education-studying Education Program and finishing the mathematical required courses of the Program.

2.The field of Finance-studying the related courses of College of Commerce and finishing Mathematical Finance Program. 

3.The field of Actuarial and Insurance-studying the related courses of Dept. of Risk Management & Insurance and participating  SOA Exam. 

4.The field of information and Computer Science-studying the related courses of Dept. of Computer Science and Dept. of Management Information System. 

5.The field of Academic Research-pure mathematics or applied mathematics research.

     The data show that half of our graduates are in the field of information technology, where a multitude of the career possibilities await them.  Mathematical Sciences Department graduates are playing important roles in computer companies, information systems departments, and banks worldwide.  In addition, many graduates play pivotal roles in major insurance companies, as agents, actuaries, or in the mathematics and statistics sections of the companies.
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